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(Began Monday 23 March, 2020)

With the roll growth at Pokeno and the increase in traffic (especially on Pokeno Road) going past Pokeno School and the building development at Pokeno School (especially the car park at the bottom where the buses drop off and pick up), we have made the decision to NOT have a bus stop, for any Tuakau College students, at Pokeno School. With the traffic congestion in this area to ramp up and get worse, we have made this decision.

Instead we have identified two areas where these buses will be dropping off and picking up.

Bus Stop #1: Pokeno Hall

This is already a drop off and pick up point. We are asking that students make their way to the hall if you are picked up and dropped off at Pokeno School. The buses will continue with all other stops and loops as per normal. The only change is that it will not drop off and pick up at Pokeno School for any Tuakau College student.

Bus Stop #2: Hitchen Road Roundabout

This is a new stop and is located on Hitchen Road by the roundabout. All the Hitchen area students in this area can make their way to the roundabout to be picked up. Please see the map below. The new route does not include a loop through the Hitchen block. We will consider this later. The bus will come down Hitchen Road, turn at the roundabout and then pick up. 

The updated routes can be found at www.northwaikatoschoolbuses.com (North Waikato School Buses website).


Any queries do not hesitate to contact the Bus Controller, Davendra Kumar, at Tuakau College. Email [email protected] or call 09 236 8521 and ask for Mr Kumar.