Senior Success

Nga Whakahau Matua

The Senior College (Years 11, 12 and 13) have many successes over the course of each year. The Senior College prizegiving is held at the end of each year and a list of the previous year’s winners can be found below.

For all photos of Senior Prizegiving please visit our Facebook page and search for 'Senior Prizegiving 2020.'


2020 Prizewinners:


Dux Trophy - Ben Peters

Proxime Accessit - Rose Crosbie

Wild Cup - Rose Salani

Gwen Barnaby Memorial Trophy - Rhianna Barker

Rangipokaia Shield - Chloe Judge

Male Bale Trophy - Daniel Jensen

Female Bale Trophy - Chloe Judge

PTA Shield Champion House - Tane Mahuta

Andrew Cooling Memorial Cup - Emma Schwass

The Spirit of Community Trophy - Chloe Judge

Tuakau College Special Award - Rose Salani

Simon Vare Trophy - Sophie MacLean

Matete Tupaea Memorial Cup - Mere Taaka Te-Kaute

Pasifika Leadership Award - Sosaia Tonga

Tuakau College Science Cup - Ben Peters

Zittersteijn Cup - Rose Crosbie

Pukekohe Timber Trophy - Taylor Duffus

Franklin Arts Festival Society Cup - Jaime Howe

NZ School of Tourism Trophy - Rose Crosbie

Bell Ryan Cup - Zophie Baldwin

Matts Music Cup - Cyan de Lange

Jordan Cup - Hunter Dihm

Head Boy - Carlin Lee

Head Girl - Brooke Wilson

Deputy Head Boy - Ryan Narayan

Deputy Head Girl - Rose Salani

2021 Prefects: Renae Carlson, Brearna Rowsell, Tiffany Swann, Mere Taaka Te-Kaute, Tori Clark, Anica Dutt and Brianna Welch

Honours Awards: Hayley Wallace (Academic Honours), Ben Peters (Academic Honours), Rose Salani (Service Honours), Khosi Ngwenya (Cultural Honours) and Paige Fletcher (Sports Honours)

Inder Lynch Lawyers Scholarship Award: Jaymee Hands and Jakob England

Ko Te Tangata School Levers Scholarship: Chloe Judge, Daniel Jensen and Raina Tainui

Prime Ministers Vocational Excellence Award: Tamati Huia

Level One Commendation Awards

Science - Merenia Rack

Product Design - Davey Singh

Horticulture - Maia James

English-Literacy - Kurtis Orsbourne

Design and Visual Communication - Cameron Hahn

Spanish - Jaymian Bradley

Accounting - Te Aomarama Heta

Music - Tamaroa Mahuta

Hospitality - Ruby Leslie

Visual Art - Georgia McIntyre

Product Design - Devyn Rees

English - Blake Lennox

English Literacy - Tuterangi Taua

Physical Education - Amy Bencetti

Design and Visual Communication and Soft Materials Technology - Lisa Guite

English and Digital Technology and winner for the draw for Worker of the Year - Wyndham Bruce

Spanish - Tiina Namoriki

Health Education - Hayden Thompson

Physical Education - Danielle Hepburn

History - Emma Lang

History - Michayla van der Byl

Mathematics - Charlise Taylor

Health Education - Charlotte Beeby​

Level One Academic Awards

1st in Spanish - Jaslyn Van Wyk

1st in Soft Materials and Technology - Anastacia Kanon

1st in Design and Visual Communication - Cameron Hyde

1st in Mathematics-Numeracy - Jessica Johnson

1st in Hospitality - Kayla Mailangi

1st in Digital Technology - Theo Morris

1st in Product Design - Bailey Cowley

1st in Horticulture and Commendation for Hospitality - Zachary Blundell

1st in Music and Commendation for Visual Art - Cyan de Lange

1st in Physical Education and Commendation for Accounting - Samantha Smith

1st in Health Education and 1st in Te Reo Maaori - Awhinatia Ngataki

1st in English Literacy and Commendation for Horticulture - Zophie Baldwin

1st in History and Commendation for Science - Gemma West

1st in Geography, 1st in Science, 1st in Mathematics and Trophy for Most Excellent Level One Mathematician - Rhianna Barker

1st in Accounting, 1st in English, 1st in Visual Art and Commendation for Mathematics - Regan Penning

Level Two Commendation Certificates


Physical Education - Khosi Ngwenya

Mathematics - Tiane Vaoileti

Hospitality - Katrina Tomlinson

Design and Visual Communication - Keenan Breet

English - Nick Muller

Biology - Laurien Stone

Sports Leadership - Nicola-Jane Kihi

Physics - Syed Abbas Ali

Horticulture - Christian Mouton

Hospitality - Caleb Scanlon

Health Education - Cailtin Johannesen

Outdoor Education - Koharu Yoshida

Outdoor Education - Ethan Rameka

Geography - Aanja van der Heyden

Health Education - Merania Hira

Biology - Brooke Wilson

Chemistry and Soft Materials - Emma Evans

Art Painting and Gateway - Leez Hall

English, Tourism and Spanish - Bethany Davies

Level Two Academic Awards


1st in Design and Visual Communication - Brearna Rowsell

1st in Hospitality - Kyra Lucas-Symonds

1st in Building Construction - Sosaia Tonga

1st in History - Carlin Lee

1st in Tourism and Commendation for Physical Education - Tori Clark

1st in Te Reo Maaori and Commendation for Sports Leadership - Zaryna Matthews

1st in Spanish and Commendation for Gateway - Mika Hannah

1st in Horticulture and Commendation for Building Construction - Carlos Brougham

1st in Outdoor Education and Commendation for Tourism - Brianna Welch

1st in Art Painting and 1st in Geography - Baillie Adams

1st in Health Education and 1st in Physical Education - Hayley Wallace

1st in Soft Materials Technology, Commendation for Art Painting and Design and Visual Communication - Mary-Lousie Booth

1st in Physics, Commendation for Mathematics and Physics - Anica Dutt

1st in Gateway, Commendation for Horticulture and Building Construction - Aaron Martin

1st in Music, 1st in Sports Leadership and Commendation for Te Reo Maaori - Mere Taaka Te-Kaute

1st in Biology, 1st in Chemistry, 1st in English, 1st in Mathematics, Commendation for Physics and Trophy for Most Excellent Mathematician at Level Two - Rose Salani

Level Three Commendation Certificates


Product Design - Aina Pomare

Geography - Paige Johnson-Winkelaar

Horticulture - Lain Haku

Health Education - Alshei Van Wyk

Art Painting - Jordan Petersen-Tutai

Outdoor Education - Courtney Tipene

Tourism - Rain Longhurst

History and Hospitality - Jack Davidson

Biology - Emma Schwass

Sports Leadership - Sophie MacLean

Chemistry - Daniel Jensen

Art Painting and Soft Materials Technology - Taylor Duffus

Product Design and Hospitality - Nikolas Kanon

Horticulture and Sports Leadership - Alfred Lapwood

Level Three Academic Awards


1st in Spanish - Liam Exelby

1st in Sports Leadership, Commendation for English and Statistics - Joel Tait

1st in Music and Commendation for Physical Education - Samiuela Vea

1st in Statistics and Commendation for Health Education - Chloe Judge

1st in Product Design and 1st in Hospitality - Bevan Jensen

1st in Art Painting, Commendation for Tourism and Soft Materials Technology - Jaime Howe

1st in Physical Education and 1st in Outdoor Education - Jakob England

1st in Geography, 1st in Health Education, 1st in Tourism, 1st in Soft Materials Technology and Commendation for English - Rose Crosbie

1st in Biology, 1st in Calculus, 1st in English, 1st in History and 1st in Chemistry - Ben Peters

2019 Prizewinners:


Jordan Cup for Service to Music - Jeremy Koch

Matts Music Cup Awarded for Excellence in Music - Samiuela Vea

Bell Ryan Cup for Practical Horticultural Skills - Carsin Ikifitu

Franklin Arts Festival Society Cup for Excellence in Art - Abbey Hull

Pukekohe Timber Trophy for Most Innovative Design in Technology - Tavania Hannah

Zittersteijn Cup for Excellence in Senior Geography - Aanya Stuckey

Tuakau College Science Cup for Excellence in Senior Sciences Yr12/13 - Ben Peters

Rotary Award for Leadership in Kapahaka - Braye Holmes

Rotary Award for Excellence in Whaikorero - Braye Holmes

Pasifika Leadership Award - Tiane Vaioleti

Matete Tupaea Memorial Cup For Contribution by a Maori student linking school and community - Anahera Preston

Tuakau College Sportsman of the Year - Hunter Cochrane

Simon Vare Trophy for Endeavour & Participation in House Competitions - Kate Willox

Tuakau College Special Award for Dedication and Service to their peers - Carmen Delle Donne

The Spirit of Community Trophy for School Spirit - Tavania Hannah

Andrew Cooling Memorial Cup for Service to our School - Abbey Hull

Female Bale Trophy For Best All-round student across the 4 Kete (Academic, Sport, Cultural, Social/Service) - Hariata Cowley

Male Bale Trophy For Best All-round student across the 4 Kete (Academic, Sport, Cultural, Social/Service) - Hunter Cochrane

Rangipokaia Memorial Shield In memory of Whaea Jacque Hema - Anahera Preston

The Gwen Barnaby Memorial Cup for Academic Excellence at Year 11 - Rose Salani

The Wild Cup for Academic Excellence at Year 12 - Ben Peters

Proxime Accessit for 2019 - Kate Willox

Tuakau College Dux for 2019 - Aanya Stuckey