Tuakau College Proposed Zone


Hi Everyone

This is to inform you that the Ministry of Education has instructed Tuakau College to put in place an Enrolment Zone and Scheme.  They have instructed us to complete this now to

  • Avoid the likelihood of overcrowding at Tuakau College as the school is predicted to grow with growth in the area.
  • To make best use of the existing network of State schools.

The Ministry and the Board have agreed on an enrolment zone which encompasses these key considerations:

  1. That Tuakau College is the ‘reasonably convenient school’ that the student can attend.  This takes into account consideration 2 & 3.
  2. The enrolment zone aligns itself with our present transport entitlement zone meaning that any student in the enrolment zone can be and will be transported for free to and from Tuakau College.
  3. The enrolment zone aligns itself with the Community of Learning schools allowing students to pathway into Tuakau College that belong to our Community of Learning Te Kaahui Ako o te Puuaha o Waikato.

The enrolment zone will overlap with a number of neighbouring school zones.  Please see the attached map.  Out east it overlaps with Hauraki Plains College,  and Pukekohe HS enrolment zones.  It overlaps with the Pokeno Primary (full Primary) zone.  Over the Waikato River it overlaps with Onewhero Area School enrolment zone.   An overlapping zone means the students in these areas have a choice of enrolling at either school.

There is an opportunity for the community to give feedback about this proposed zone.  Please use this link to feedback to the Board of Trustees of Tuakau College about the proposed zone.


You are most welcome to feedback by email and or by send an attachment to principal@tuakaucollege.com

The consultation period is for one month from today.  We would like your feedback, if any, by the 10thAugust 2017.

Look forward to your response.

Naku noa!           

Chris Betty

Tumuaki: Principal

Ph 09 236 8521 Extn 109


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