The Uniform Shoppe and SAS Sport are excited to partner with Tuakau College for the supply of school uniforms through your local retail shop located at 7A, Glasgow Road, Pukekohe. Please see below for prices and a link to the website.


Phone: 09 239 1310

The shop hours are:

Monday to Friday: 8:30 to 5pm

Saturday: 9am to 1pm

The Uniform Shoppe website is live for online ordering and they offer courier service or click and collect options. All WINZ quotes can also be done via the website if required, or instore.


Website: www.theuniformshoppe.co.nz or see the link below.

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Please note that any confiscated items must be collected by parents from the Deans office. If parents are unable to make it in to school to collect confiscated items they can ring the Deans to organise an alternative option. The College takes no responsibility for confiscated jewellery.

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Blouse - Year 7 to 10 Regulation Junior blouse and Year 11 to 13 Regulation Senior blouse

Shirt - Year 7 to 10 Regulation Junior Shirt and Year 11 to 13 Regulation Senior Shirt

Jersey - Regulation school jersey (optional)

Skirt - Regulation knee or ankle length skirt

Shorts - Regulation school shorts. Waistband must be above hips. Hems must be above or on the knee. Belts may be black.

Trousers (Dress Uniform - optional) - Regulation school trousers. Waistband must be above hips. To be worn with shoes and black socks. No sandals to be worn with long trousers.

Jackets - Regulation softshell jacket (optional)

Blazer - Regulation blazer (optional)

Socks/Stockings - Calf length plain black socks or plain (not ribbed or patterned), black stockings may be worn

Footwear - Plain black shoes. Terms 1 and 4 only: Plain black, flat sandals with straps over heel, worn as designed and in a neat and tidy condition. No socks to be worn with sandals. For Health and Safety reasons, covered shoes MUST always be worn in Technology rooms and sometimes in Science practical's.

PE/House Activity Uniform - Regulation T-shirt in house colour, worn with plain black shorts

Tie (Dress Uniform) - Regulation school tie 


Jewellery - NO jewellery to be worn other than the following: plain ear studs or plain sleeper earrings (maximum of 2 per ear. Sleepers must be a maximum of 12mm in diameter and be able to rotate 360 degrees through the ear); a wrist watch; one necklace of cultural, religious or personal significance; Medic-Alert bracelets; one small plain nose stud, one ring. NO facial piercings. NO ear lobe expanders/stretchers. Maximum size for spacers is 1cm. The College takes no responsibility for confiscated jewellery. Any confiscated items must be collected by parents from the Deans office.

School Cap (optional) - Plain black cap or hat (NO writing or brands and NO beanies) may be worn outside only for sun protection. Cap peaks to be worn to the front only.

Scarf (optional) - Plain Black Scarf

Hair - Students hair must be clean and tidy at all times. NO extremes of fashion acceptable. Dyed hair must be of a natural colour that someone could be born with. Facial hair must be kept groomed at all times. All students with long hair will be required to tie it back in classes where Health and/or Safety is an issue eg. Technology classes

Under garments - Plain undergarments may be worn. They must not be visible through the school shirt, below the length of the shirt, or below the sleeves

Sunglasses - May be worn outside only and are the responsibility of student. Sunglasses are not permitted to be worn on the head in class.

Nail Varnish - Clear, transparent or natural colours only. NO solid colours permitted.

Make Up - NO obvious make-up permitted.

Tattoos - The tattooing of young people of school age is strongly discouraged, however they may be accepted on students over 16 years old and should be limited to a significantly appropriate tattoo. If a student has an inappropriate tattoo, it must be covered. Unacceptable tattoos include, but are not limited to; drugs, alcohol, gang affiliations, death and sexually explicit.