Students will wear the school uniform, with pride, at all times.

We encourage students requiring uniform to use the following options:

  • NZ Uniforms Shop – 28E Lambie Drive, Maunkau

  • NZ Uniforms Online Shop

If you are unable to purchase through the above options we have the Tuakau College Uniform Shop. Please be aware that we do not hold a large amount of stock however, we do make regular orders and you should not have to wait more than 5 days for your items to arrive.

The Tuakau College Uniform Shop is open on Wednesdays from 3pm to 5pm. 


Blouse - Yr 7 to 10 Regulation Junior blouse, Yr 11 to 13 Regulation Senior blouse

Skirt - Regulation knee or ankle length skirt.

Socks/Stockings - Calf length plain black socks or plain (not ribbed or patterned) black stockings may be worn.


Shirt - Yr 7 to 10 Regulation Junior Shirt, Yr 11 to 13 Regulation Senior Shirt

Shorts - Regulation school shorts. Waistband must be above hips.  Hems must be above or on the knee. Belts may be black.

Trousers - (Dress Uniform – Optional) Regulation school trousers. Waistband must be above hips.  To be worn with shoes and black socks. No sandals to be worn with long trousers.

Socks - Calf length plain black socks


Jersey - Regulation school jersey (optional)

Footwear - Plain black leather shoes that can be polished. No canvas shoes. In Terms 1 and 4 only: plain black flat sandals with straps over heel, worn as designed and in a neat, tidy condition. No socks to be worn with sandals.

PE/House Activity Uniform - Regulation T-shirt in house colour, worn with plain black shorts.

Jackets - Regulation softshell jacket (optional)

Tie - (Dress Uniform)Regulation school tie (optional)

Blazer - (Dress Uniform)Regulation blazer (optional)


Jewellery - NO jewellery to be worn other than the following: plain ear studs (maximum of 2 per ear); a wrist watch; one necklace of cultural, religious or personal significance; Medic-Alert bracelets. NO facial piercings. NO ear lobe expanders/stretchers. Maximum size for spacers is 1cm. The College takes no responsibility for confiscated jewellery.

School Cap - (optional)Plain black cap or hat (NO writing or brands and NO beanies) may be worn outside only for sun protection. Cap peaks to be worn to the front only.

Scarf (optional) - Plain Black Scarf

Hair - Students’ hair must be clean and tidy at all times. No extremes of fashion acceptable. Boys must be clean-shaven at all times.

Under garments - Plain undergarments may be worn. They must not be visible below the length of the shirt or below the sleeves.

Sunglasses - May be worn outside only and are the responsibility of student. Sunglasses are not permitted to be worn on the head in class.

Nail Varnish - Clear, transparent or natural colours only. NO solid colours permitted.

Make Up - NO obvious make-up permitted.

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