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As part of their curriculum, each Year 7 to 10 student at Tuakau College delivers a speech. Senior students speeches are completed through NCEA.


In 2022 the Tuakau College Junior Speech Finals were held on Wednesday 15 June in the iHub.

The results were as follows:

In the Year 8 category, first place was awarded to Arviah Stewart for her speech about ‘Are schools teaching us life skills?’ Second equal went to Oliver Goodhand for his speech about ‘why cell phones should be banned at school’ and Logan Welch for his speech on ‘Inflation.’ Rafael Tonga-Awhikau was awarded a Commendation for his speech titled ‘Do you understand what a ‘haka’ is?’


In the Year 7 category, first place was awarded to Ava Wilson for her speech about ‘Why we should not believe everything we see on the Internet.’ Second place went to Louise Mosheim for her speech about ‘NATO’ and a Commendation was awarded to Millie Calder for her speech titled ‘Never underestimate women!’

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