Pastoral care and guidance to support students in their studies is an essential part of Tuakau College. This is completed through a variety of avenues to ensure a student’s wellbeing is monitored and to put in place appropriate measures to minimise any negative influences.

> An effective behaviour management system

The discipline system is fair and applied consistently throughout the school. The laws of natural justice are applied. We make NO excuses for being tough on certain misbehaviours which affect the teaching and learning of staff and students. Discipline is the responsibility of all teaching staff.

> Whanau form classes

Are composed of students from Years 7 – 13. This enables older students to provide leadership and support for younger students. It also allows family contact to be maintained with the Whanau teacher throughout the time the student attends the school. The form teacher is the first step in the guidance system and any problems should, in the first instance, be referred to him or her.

> Guidance Counsellor

The guidance counsellor is trained to assist with personal, career, social, academic and behavioural problems, by appointment.

Mr Paul Heta
Phone: 09 236 8521 extension 143

> College Nurse

Injured or sick students are cared for by the School Nurse. In an emergency, parents will be contacted as soon as possible, and if immediate attention is required the student will be transported to the nearest medical centre. The Nurse runs the school’s Health centre located at the Student Centre.

> School Values

School values are reiterated through communication forums. There is an expectation that members of the school community demonstrate these in all aspects of school life.

> Whanau Deans

Each whanau (house) has a Dean who advises on courses and applies discipline systems. The Dean is also a key contact if your child has problems.

> Careers Advisor

The Careers Advisor is trained to give careers and vocational advice.

> Senior Management & Leadership team

The team is available to talk to parents and caregivers about school issues. Please phone the school to make an appointment.

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