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Te Whare Ako

Inaugural Year: 2021

At the end of 2020 the ORS class, Te Whariki, was disestablished due to the lack of numbers to make this classroom viable. To replace the need to support the moderate learning needs in the school Te Whare Ako was initiated taking over the previous classroom on the Buckland Entrance driveway.

Te Whare Ako is led by Catherine Hucker as SENCO for Tuakau College with the assistance of Shirley Scott. It also houses the ESOL Department. The learning needs of Tuakau College students are also supported by seven Teaching Assistants.

Included in Te Whare Ako is a wellness area, which is designed to support students who need a place of calm to ensure they can then face the rigours of a school day.  

From left: Catherine Hucker (Head of Te Whare Ako and SENCO) and Shirley Scott (Assistant Head of Te Whare Ako)

Te Whare Ako

Head of Te Whare Ako and SENCO

Mrs C Hucker


Assistant Head of Te Whare Ako

Mrs S Scott

Teaching Assistant

Miss K Anderson


Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Cowan


Teaching Assistant

Mrs R De Thierry

Image by Paul Berthelon Bravo

Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Law


Teaching Assistant

Mrs F Proctor


Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Vakalahi


Teaching Assistant

Mrs D van der Heyden


Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Van Kan

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