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Cross Country

Whakawhiti Whenua

During Term 2 students participated in a Cross Country competition. This is run on a course of mixed terrain, through a farm, hills, flat and the streets around the school. 

See below for results of the 2022 event and visit our Facebook page for the full album of photos!

Cross Country Champions 2022:


1st - Tangaroa (1250 points)

2nd - Tane Mahuta (1196 points)

3rd - Tawhirimatea (1195 points)

4th - Ruaumoko (924 points)

Year 7 Girls

1st - Charlize Sabine

2nd - Maryjane Davis

3rd - Leah Green

Year 7 Boys

1st - Noah Otunuku

2nd - Liam Goodhand

3rd - MJ Holroyd


Year 8 Girls

1st - Danielle Claridge

2nd - Natsha Butler

3rd - Aylah Henderson

Year 8 Boys

1st - Shaveen Kumar

2nd - Oli Goodhand

3rd - Cayden Taylor


Junior Girls

1st - Hazel McMillan

2nd - Sophie Hall

3rd - Lauren Rowsell

Junior Boys

1st - Nian Van Loggerenberg

2nd - Strummer Archer

3rd - Caleb Quinlan


Intermediate Girls

1st - Gaia Bowers

2nd - Danelle Young

3rd - Jordyn Tuhiwai


Intermediate Boys

1st - Joziah Otunuku

2nd - Whaitiri Preston

3rd - Aryan Kumar


Senior Girls

1st - Samantha Smith

2nd - Marisa Rowsell

3rd - Caitlin Lees

Senior Boys

1st - Daniel Burrows-Chatwin

2nd - Kullen Montgomery

3rd - Brooklyn Murphy

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