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Welcome to Music at Tuakau College!

Tuakau College has a huge amount of musical talent and the Music Department is always searching for ways to develop and showcase our students. We have fantastic facilities for the students to use including practice rooms, instruments and computers.


This year we are introducing lunchtime groups such as choir and guitar group, and we are working on performance opportunities both inside and outside the school.  Upcoming events include the 'Play it Strange' songwriting competition, 'Tangata Beats,' 'Smokefree Rockquest' and 'Stand Up Stand Out.'

We offer itinerant music lessons during school time in a variety of instruments. Currently we offer Guitar, Bass and Piano lessons. Once COVID restrictions have eased we will offer singing lessons and we are hoping to add other instruments as well. If your child is interested in music lessons please click on this link and fill in the form

Electric Guitar

Ms C. McGill Wright

Head of Music

09 236 8521 ext 125

Tuakau College Music Teacher

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