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Welcome to Commerce at Tuakau College!

Commerce includes Business Studies, Accounting and Economics.

Today, more than ever before, it is essential that our students are fully 'locked and loaded' with the skills needed to cope wisely with their finances. Business Studies, Economics and Accounting develop independent, problem solving, financially adept skills.

The Commerce subjects have immediate, current, national and international relevance. Students are given the literacy skills and economic awareness to ensure they become fully interactive in our economy - understanding the role that government, producers and consumers participate in growth, trade, inflation, unemployment, equity, supply and demand on NZ's economy and understanding how to prepare and analyse both individual and business financial documentation.

Accounting and Economics are requirements in many employment fields - choosing them now is the beginning of an exciting career pathway!

Tuakau College Commerce Teachers

Image by Paul Berthelon Bravo

Mrs K Simpson

Commerce Teacher

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