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Social Science

Tikanga - aa - iwi

The Social Sciences prepare you for both the present and past worlds. You will get the most out of our wonderful world if you understand its uniqueness, diversity, development, past, contemporary (present) and future issues and its humanity!

The Social Sciences provide students with enormous opportunities to broaden their experiences and skills to enable them to be engaged and create a social awareness of the modern and different societies in Aotearoa and around the globe. In Year 9 and Year 10 all students study Social Studies and this is a combination of all our senior subjects; Geography (Environmental and Earth Sciences incorporated), History, Social Studies and Tourism. From Year 11, students can specialise in one or more of subjects, such as Geography, History and/or Tourism.


The Social Science department is highly successful in all aspects of academia from Scholarship to Unit Standards over the years. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a holistic education, ensuring all learners achieve to the best of their potential and academic goals. The Social Science department also offers a wide range of opportunities for education outside the classroom, as we understand the importance of in-field studies in bringing our subjects to life. 


Our alumni go on to experience success in their chosen fields. Our excellent track record of ensuring students achieve University Entrance means students leave us with a great wider variety of options for their futures. We believe we can offer your child exceptional building blocks for their bright future and therefore we strongly encourage the students take on board these traditional academic subjects for a challenging career pathway(s).

Tuakau College Social Sciences Teachers


Mr D. Kumar

HLA Social Sciences

Mr I. Deo

Social Sciences Teacher

Mr J. Everitt

Social Sciences Teacher


Mr K Medabala

Social Sciences Teacher

Miss A. Colmer

Social Sciences Teacher

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